Master bedroom – Mood board


Real countdown has strarted. We’re officially homeowners and we’re moving in less than a month. Between packing and all the things to buy, I constantly go and look back at my Pinterest boards to find new deco ideas. AND I CAN’T MAKE MY MIND! Now that I have a home that I can decorate, there’s so many options and I have a hard time making decisions… And we don’t even have the keys yet…. Story of my life !

One of the rooms I want to tackle first is the master bedroom. Maybe because, since I lived at my parents’ for the last year (read:forever), it is the easiest room to visualize since it was the only I had some control over. Decorate, feeling at home, it’ll be a long process. But I wanna feel at ease, at home, at least in one room.

I have somewhat of an idea of what I what, of the feel i want in the room. I want a warm, cozy room. Oh, and dark walls.

I’ve pinned countless of image, but looking back at these, I’ve choosen a few that captured the vibe I want for my bedroom.

bedroom_inspi 1. Haley Weidenbaum, Homepolish – 2. Design Sponge – 3. Lesley Graham– 4. Coco Kelley

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