Master bedroom – Mood board


Real countdown has strarted. We’re officially homeowners and we’re moving in less than a month. Between packing and all the things to buy, I constantly go and look back at my Pinterest boards to find new deco ideas. AND I CAN’T MAKE MY MIND! Now that I have a home that I can decorate, there’s so many options and I have a hard time making decisions… And we don’t even have the keys yet…. Story of my life !

One of the rooms I want to tackle first is the master bedroom. Maybe because, since I lived at my parents’ for the last year (read:forever), it is the easiest room to visualize since it was the only I had some control over. Decorate, feeling at home, it’ll be a long process. But I wanna feel at ease, at home, at least in one room.

I have somewhat of an idea of what I what, of the feel i want in the room. I want a warm, cozy room. Oh, and dark walls.

I’ve pinned countless of image, but looking back at these, I’ve choosen a few that captured the vibe I want for my bedroom.

bedroom_inspi 1. Haley Weidenbaum, Homepolish – 2. Design Sponge – 3. Lesley Graham– 4. Coco Kelley

We can find the same mood in each and every of these, but also some things they each have. Dark walls, ceiling and base moulding painted white. Carpet, for warmth, and light bedding.

Then, here’s some elements that I placed in a moodboard that represent what I want in the room.


  1. DIY clothes rack by Homemade Modern – I’ll not lie, I wish I had a big walk-in ! Ha! But that’s not the case. The bedroom got only one, albeit large, closet. But when you,re two sharing it, it gets loaded quite fast. Anyway, there’s always these clothes that you wear so often or are so beautiful you don’t wanna hide away. This is where this clothes rack will come handy. I think I’ll spray paint it gold and stain de wood a darker color to give it a more rich vibe. We’ll see…
  2. Light pattern pillows – To add a bit of life and broke the monotony. Urban Outfitters always has these adorable ones !
  3. Benjamins moore Gravel Gray – I want a dark grey that turn lightly toward blue. From what I’ve seen online, Gravel gray seems like the perfect fit!
  4. Laundry basket at Zara Home – A gift from my sister for my birthday! I love its natural look, but most of all, the stripes of pastel colours ! Not on sale anymore, but Zara Home got these amazing natural basket that are worth every penny !
  5. High pile rug Sanderum by IKEA – Nothing beats a soft rug on which to wake up, more so on cold winter morning!!
  6. Griffith bed by Structure – I was looking for a low bed, but still quite massive, and in fabric. I’ve fallen in love with this one from Structure which, albeit quite simple, should draw attention with its dark colour !
  7. Himalayan salt lamp – Aren’t these just so pretty? Not much of a light source, but a cute deco!

There it is, my match plan for the master bedroom. There will be more, sure, like frames, art, mirror and all that stuff. Can’t wait to start it up !







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