Our first home !


It’s done ! We’ve moved ! Sunday the 25th, with the help of our family, we packed everything, all our boxes (way more than I expected) and a few furniture pieces, in a truck up to our new house, our first home !


It’s been one week we’ve moved and we’re slowly getting accustomed to the silence ! (keep in mind that at my parents we were six, plus like a million pets, and always friends/boyfriend and so on at the house!) Tuesday I went to my parents to bring home my two cats, Nala and Capitaine. The move was hard for them, but one week later they’re getting better, less scared, and are even keeping us awake come morning playfully running around !

Right now, no, our boxes aren’t all unpacked, our walls are still bare, heck, even the pieces themselves are still boring bland ! But the fridge and pantry are a little more ‘full’ than they were on day one and we can cook ourself a, albeit small, meal instead of having to order take-out. Next weeks will be busy, we still have walls to paint, furniture to buy, deco to install.


The house is a split level, so when you come in you face a set of stairs going either up to the first floor or down to the basement. Our plans include changing the hanging light for something possibly more massive. Open the closet and create something with a bench so we don’t have to sit on the stairs to lace our shoes. I would also like some sort of paper storage/organizer on the empty space next to the door so the cluster of billing and all don’t make it up to the kitchen island. Then I plan to make a HUGE gallery wall on that grey wall. Stay tuned !


New curtains will be a priority once we’ll decide on how we want the room to look like. For now we have a dark grey couch next to the railing. We need to put the TV on the wall (Dad?) For now we’re keeping the wallpaper, and the cage of our parrot will go in that right corner you see. I’m currently looking for a pretty round corner cage with a dark metal color to blend well with the backdrop.


Kitchen is great, with lots of storage, although we’re not fan of the dark brown. We might DIY paint them in the year to come. I plan to do our own dining table, picture a mix of wood, concrete and semi-transparent epoxy. It’s gonna be pretty! (and maybe a challenge…!)


Adios stripes ! This is our number one project. Paint the room and then deco it. I plan going with a really dark grey-blue. We’ve received our bed, it’s in boxes in the living room right now….


Last homeowners did a great job of designing the bathroom ! We’ll only add frames/deco/etc. Nothing major here.


Ah! The fireplace we so loved. It’ll need a cleaning, and new lights. Our plan for the basement are to install a cozy living room where we’ll likely lie down after a hard working day next to the fire to warm us up and to cheer up our team on gaming night ! We are also hearing talk of making a bar down there, cocktail and popcorn anytime please !


What I like about our basement is the fact we have really large window, so a lot of daylight ! We’re not keeping the red wall, and we’re doing a wall-to-wall desk in here where I’ll be able to work on some illustration while the boyfriend play games online.


For now, the spare bedroom is more like our cats corner. There’s the litter, their food and water, and they really like to hide under the futon anytime they hear some weird noise and become scared. But we don’t plan to keep this all here. I’ll move the litter to the office, so when there will be guest they can have some privacy.


That tiling choice leave me without words. But the bathroom is clean, the bathtub big (even bigger than the one upstairs!) and it’ll be a perfect place for our guests. For now, it’ll do.


Ah! Look at that backyard ! Maybe we fell in love with the house because of this. It’s a long and nice yard, plus there’s the deck i’m not showing on this pic. It’ll need some work, a few flowers, paint for the veranda, but really, not so much. Anyway, winter is coming, so we’re not tackling it before next summer. It just give us more time to work on the inside of the house!

So, lots of things to come, and it’s exciting !




5 thoughts on “Our first home !

  1. Sammy Garcia says:

    You guys picked a beautiful house!
    That bathroom, I’m not sure if that was ever ‘in’ so that’s interesting.
    I can’t wait to see how it comes together, it’s always fun to see how it comes together 🙂


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