Pulled pork toast with whipped honey and basil goat cheese


Ok guys, I’m excited to post a quick recipe today ! I’m actually really excited because it’s something I cooked in my very own kitchen into my very first home !

Before following home bloggers, I was actually following food bloggers. I LOVE to cook. From the time looking for a recipe, through books, magazines, blogs or Pinterest, to the actual time passed in the kitchen, to eating the food, I love it all. Continue reading

Our first home !


It’s done ! We’ve moved ! Sunday the 25th, with the help of our family, we packed everything, all our boxes (way more than I expected) and a few furniture pieces, in a truck up to our new house, our first home !


It’s been one week we’ve moved and we’re slowly getting accustomed to the silence ! (keep in mind that at my parents we were six, plus like a million pets, and always friends/boyfriend and so on at the house!) Tuesday I went to my parents to bring home my two cats, Nala and Capitaine. The move was hard for them, but one week later they’re getting better, less scared, and are even keeping us awake come morning playfully running around ! Continue reading

Master bedroom – Mood board


Real countdown has strarted. We’re officially homeowners and we’re moving in less than a month. Between packing and all the things to buy, I constantly go and look back at my Pinterest boards to find new deco ideas. AND I CAN’T MAKE MY MIND! Now that I have a home that I can decorate, there’s so many options and I have a hard time making decisions… And we don’t even have the keys yet…. Story of my life !

One of the rooms I want to tackle first is the master bedroom. Maybe because, since I lived at my parents’ for the last year (read:forever), it is the easiest room to visualize since it was the only I had some control over. Decorate, feeling at home, it’ll be a long process. But I wanna feel at ease, at home, at least in one room.

I have somewhat of an idea of what I what, of the feel i want in the room. I want a warm, cozy room. Oh, and dark walls.

I’ve pinned countless of image, but looking back at these, I’ve choosen a few that captured the vibe I want for my bedroom.

bedroom_inspi 1. Haley Weidenbaum, Homepolish – 2. Design Sponge – 3. Lesley Graham– 4. Coco Kelley

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